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Weather Preparedness List

 Of course, we hope you'll never be faced with a flood, but be prepared and knowledgeable should one occur. 

To Avoid or Prepare for a Flood
- Don't build in a flood-prone region.
- If you must build, elevate and reinforce your home, including elevating the furnace, water heater and electric panel.
- Inquire if officials have taken flood precautions like building floodwalls or levees.
- Waterproof all basement walls.
- Install sewer trap "check valves" so water won't back up into your home's drains.
- Purchase flood insurance even if not in a high-risk area.
If a Flood is Predicted
- Stay tuned to local radio or television stations for information.
- If a flash flood is predicted, immediately move to higher ground.
- Be especially aware of areas prone to flash flooding, like canyons and streams.
If Evacuation is Necessary
- Secure your home; move outdoor furniture indoors, if possible; move essential items to second floor.
- Disconnect electrical appliances and turn off utilities at main switches or valves when instructed (but NOT if you are wet or standing in water).
- If walking, use a stick to measure firmness of the ground before you and only walk in water that is NOT moving.
- Avoid driving in flooded areas.
- If in a car and water is rising, leave the car and seek higher ground.
- Be aware that six inches of water can stall a car or make you lose control; one foot can float a vehicle; and just two feet can carry an SUV away.
Following a Flood
- Check local media to see if your water supply is safe to drink.
- Avoid remaining flood water as it may be contaminated or electrically charged.
- Avoid moving water, downed power lines and any buildings surrounded by floodwaters.
- Be sure roads where floodwaters have receded are strong enough to bear traffic.
- Do not return home until authorities have indicated that it’s safe.
- Stay clear of buildings surrounded by floodwaters.
- Be careful when entering buildings as foundations may have weakened.
- Repair damaged sewage system elements as soon as possible.
- Clean and disinfect all items that got wet.