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The Blue Angel® Gemini® is a Premium Digitally Connected Total Basement Protection System coming to market this spring. Engineered and Assembled in the USA, this extraordinary system uses the latest smart home technology so you always know your basement is protected — even when the power is out. NEVER WORRY ABOUT YOUR BASEMENT AGAIN!

  • Assembled in the USA with foreign and domestic parts
  • Smart Home digitally connected basement protection system
  • Keep 11,000 gallons of water out of your basement on one battery charge
  • Complete, pre-plumbed sump pumps for easy installation in as little as 15 minutes
  • Two fully submersible, nested, all cast iron, AC (primary) & DC (back up) sump pumps
  • “Drop in the pit” ready, complete with two (2) pre-installed 1-1/2 in check valves
  • 1-1/2 In. discharge for easy installation and compliance with building codes
  • For use in 15 in. diameter or larger sump basins
  • Redundant reed float switch with protective float cage
  • Apple IOS and Android APPs for continuous monitoring, even when the power is out
  • Innovative Local Link™ technology transmits data to the APP during power outages when the WiFi router is down
  • Remote display box displays; hours of pumping power, battery health and charge, and water level
  • FULLY REDUNDANT dual independent processor encased in a protective aluminum shell
  • Solid State Air Switch replaces the mechanical float which is the most common point of failure on a sump pump


GSP50 Flow Performance
Discharge 0' 5' 10' 15' 20'
Gallons/Minute 109 94 76 56 34